On-again, off-again celeb couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are said to have split for the second time, after being together for 4 years

As if the early dark nights and downpour of rain wasn’t enough to make us want to climb into our bed, news that our fave, most loveable celeb couple have split, makes us want to stay in a duvet fortress for the rest of time.

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Despite going on a break a la Ross and Rachel in April 2014, we thought the Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield were here for keeps. The long run. For all time!

But sadly, it’s not meant to be, as after nearly four years together, they’ve decided to call it a day on their relationship.

A source has told UsMagaine.com that ‘they still have a a lot of love for one another and they are on good terms with each another and remain close. It just wasn’t working.’

The pair starred in the Amazing Spider-Man film together, and they took some time apart when 32-year-old British actor Andrew was filming historic-drama Silence in Taiwan. They reunited a few weeks later though and 26-year-old Emma has previously spoken out about the interest in their on-again, off-again relationship.

‘I never talk about this stuff for this exact reason – because it’s all so speculative and baseless. I understand the interest in it completely, because I’ve had it too. But it’s so special to me that it never feels good to talk about, so I just continually don’t talk about it.’

Despite their split, the pair are said to still be friends, as an insider tells People.com.

‘There was no drama, they’ve been apart while working. They still care about each other.’

‘They still have love for one another. They are on good terms with each other and remain close.’

Oh Starfield (we never realised just QUITE how great their relationship name was until now!) we’re going to miss all your cute moments together – from kisses on and off set, to adorable glances on the red carpet to one another – but we’ll rhae the memories to keep forever in the gallery above.

We’re starting to wonder if true love even exists anymore…