The former Harry Potter actress would strip off on the big screen


Emma Watson is eager to remind everyone that she’s not just schoolgirl Hermione Granger.

After first appearing on the big screen aged 11, Emma, now 22, recently tackled
her first lead role away from the Harry Potter franchise.

Starring as troubled teenager Sam in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower involved more adult themes for the young actress, including sex.

‘It’s very exciting that people are starting to see me in a different way,’ says Emma.

‘It means that they’re allowing me the space to grow and develop and reincarnate myself.’

Although she wasn’t required to flash the flesh – Emma wouldn’t rule out stripping off for future roles, though she’s surprised why she’s tipped for Fifty Shades Of Grey

‘I’ve been saying since I was 16 that if it’s the right role and
important for character development and the story, then of course I’ll do
it,’ she tells Hello!. 

‘I’m an actress.’

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Rachel McGrath