The X Factor star is far too loveable!

The X Factor 2015 is in full swing and it’s safe to say, we’re totally, 100 per-cent, HOOKED.

In fact, we’re also a little addicted to spin-off show, The Xtra Factor, presented by Rochelle Humes and Kiss FM host, Melvin Odoom.

Melvin, 35, has been on the scene for a while now and has presented various TV shows including MTV Digs and kid’s show, Basil’s Swap Shop.

But what else do we know about Mr Odoom? Now caught up with the star and  rounded up a few secret facts…


WOO! Rochelle Humes and Melvin Odoom are the new hosts for The Xtra Factor!

He’s single and looking!

Yup Melvin is on the prowl.

So what’s his ideal type?

‘I’m looking for a young Sofia Vergara or Carol Vorderman,’ admitted Melvin.

‘Sense of humour is number one. I love someone with a sense of style – I’m all about the curves. I’m an African man, so a big bum is always a good look for me.’

FYI ladies, if you’re a tall woman, Melvin will LOVE you!

‘A tall woman makes you feel like a rich millionaire,’ laughed Melvin.


Height: 5ft 4in.

OK, so Melvin definitely isn’t tall but he’s admitted there that there is one definate perk to being a little shorter.

‘You can get tiny trainers for half the price,’ laughed Melvin.

We certainly wouldn’t complain at that…


But, being shorter does have its flaws…

‘The worst thing is when you go to the bar, and the barman won’t serve you because he can’t see you! You’ve got to use that little rail thing,’ confessed Melvin.



Celeb pals

He’s racked up a fair few famous friends over the years.

Not only is Rochelle one of his best mates, but he’s also mates with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Example. Oh, and not fogetting Rochelle’s husband, Marvin.

‘We used to hang out together and club together,’ revealed Melv.

Err, jealous!


True Romantic

Speaking to Now, Melvin revealed: ‘For one of my exes, using her name I got her a present so each letter of her name represented a different present.’

He added: ‘I didn’t have much money then. I was still living at my mum’s so it was random things like a pair of shoes from Office and then a rose and lots of little random presents.’


He loves his family…

Naww, what a sweetie!

Melvin admitted that his sister, Yonah, is his ‘right hand woman.’

He also explained that when he’s with a girl, she has to respect his mum.

‘That’s number one,’ added Melv.


Oh Melv, we’re a little in love!