Ex On The Beach Kirk Norcross claims to have slept with 1,000 women, but it looks like Kirk, 27, is putting his bachelor days behind him after storming off the show mid-series...

Ex On The Beach starts tonight. And that means not just one thing… but four, sun, sea, sex and arguments! Ooo, we can’t wait. We caught up with ex TOWIE star and star of the MTV show Kirk Norcross to get the 4-1-1!

Is it true you got kicked off the show?

I left rather than they kicked me off ­ it was too explosive! I have such a temper and was missing home too much. I just Hulk out when I get lonely. I was getting very violent  to myself and even smashed up a lamp at one point.

Wow! What happened?

The show was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Whenever you start having fun you’re scared here’s another twist. I was constantly in fear. I haven’t checked my fee yet but they’ll probably take the cost of the lamp out [laughs]. My mum won’t like that scene.

You said you’re done with reality TV…

I am. I’ve given all the shows I’ve done my best ­ and my worst. I don’t know what else I can do ­ give them my blood?

Did you have any fun at all?
Yeah! We went snorkelling, played beer pong and watched girls do three-way kisses. I can’t really remember my sexual antics but I tend to get naughty when I’ve had a drink. And I drank a lot.

Who’s this girl you’ve been posting selfies with lately?

When I got back from filming I bumped into Holli Willis, who I used see when I was 20, and we just hooked up straight away. It’s going great. I’m madly in love. She’s a got a little four-year-old daughter and it’s like I have a ready-made family. It’s great.

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Joshua Fox