A game of spin the bottle escalates as Jordan finishes things with Megan after she kisses Rogan on last night's Ex on the Beach

If you thought Spin the Bottle was an innocent game from your school days, then think again as last night saw a whole lot of drama as Megan and Jordan put an explosive end between them.

Megan was desperate for her and Jordan to be an item after life on the Ex on the Beach island, and but she confessed that until her asked her to be his girlfriend, she was just going to ‘keep playing games.’ Yep. That doesn’t sound like it’s going to cause any drama AT ALL.


What started as a game of Truth or Dare turned into a major love triangle. Cheeky Bear was busy stirring things up by asking Megan if Jordan wasn’t there, would she snog Rohan and have a little fling with him?

She replied saying: ‘Well yes, if I didn’t know Jordan – yeah.’ As you can imagine, Jordan wasn’t best pleased to hear that.

And sure enough, when it came to Rogan’s dare, Bear gave the EOTB pot a big ol’ stir and dared him to snog Megan: ‘I’m just saying, it’s just a game. Yeah, it will upset some people.’

You can say that again Bear – yikes!

Jordan was telling Megan to do what she likes – you know, like when you say you’re FINE when you’re really really not. He even egged her on a bit tell her to do it. And then, well, she did.

‘Game over. Done.’

Jordan was not a happy bunny, saying that all the trust he put in Megan over the past two weeks is gone now. But Megan just kept reiterating how it was just a game. She even spelled it out to him. Literally.

‘I obviously like you more than anyone in the villa and I thought I had something with you when we get out of here’, Megan said.

Jordan replied saying, ‘You would of. Until now.’ OUCH.

When the new ex turned up on the beach – none other than Bear’s ex Connie – Jordan made it no secret that he was into her: ‘I told you, f**k me over, I’ll f**k you over ten times worse.’

With Jordan and newbie Connie on a date, and the rest of the gang crashing their dinner, Megan was not best pleased to see the two of them snogging. Oh, and to make matters worse, Connie and Megan have history with Megan saying that Connie slept with her ex (are you keeping up?)

This is turning into a flipping love rhombus!

A screaming match ensues, with every profanity you could think of under the sun being flung between the two girls.

We’re getting stressed out just watching it!

The lesson here is kids, never take a game of spin the bottle lightly!