Sun, sea and, er, plenty of sex... When it comes to shocking reality shows, they don't get more explosive than Ex On The Beach

When the new cast of MTV reality show Ex On The Beach told us that this was going to be the sauciest series yet, they weren’t joking. ‘Everyone got with everyone,’ Vicky Pattison‘s man and contestant Stephen Bear, 25, tells us.

The ex-Shipwrecked star is leaving MTV’s Mexican beach retreat with more than a newfound fame after hooking up with Vicky. ‘I’ll want to make it official,’ he gushes. ‘She’s really pretty and I reckon we’d have good-looking babies. She wants them to have my looks and her brains!’

Last time we spoke to Vicky, 27, she was set for a celibate summer. So we caught up with the former Geordie Shore star to find out all the goss…

Hey Vicky! You seem loved-up…

[Laughs] Stephen’s nice, ain’t he? So fit. I’m trying to take it slow for once. I’m one of them people who falls in love after half an hour.

Do you think things will change once the show airs?

Yeah, and I really don’t want to get hurt. He’ll be doing loads of club PAs with skanky girls throwing themselves at him. He dipped [had sex with] most of the girls on the show before I arrived. I can’t predict what’ll happen, but he seems a nice guy so far.

Did you have sex on the show?

No! I just went out there to drink too much and kiss some boys. But it wasn’t long before I unleashed the crazy!

Have you seen the Geordie Shore lot lately?

No. I don’t really care about Marnie [Simpson] ­ what’s her relationship with Ricky Rayment all about? I’m friends with Charlotte [Crosby] again. She was f***ing mortal one night and I woke up to loads of messages saying: ‘This rift has to stop. It’s wrong.’ I just said: ‘Babe, it was never anything personal.’ I don’t want to ever fall out with her or Holly Hagan.

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