Jasmin Walia has left the world of reality TV behind and turned into a super-sexy pop star…

It’s not often a former reality TV star can carve out a legitimate music career, but Jasmin Walia has managed to do just that.

Her last single Dum Dee Dee Dum – a collaboration with Zack Knight – has clocked up more than eight million views on YouTube, and Jasmin, 26, is back with sexy new track Girl Like Me.

Unlike some of her reality TV counterparts who’ve attempted to launch a music career, Jasmin can sing and dance – and she does it well. But that wasn’t enough to stop her nerves ahead of the track’s debut.

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Speaking to Now about Girl Like Me, Jasmin said: ‘I’ve enjoyed every step of the process of creating this, from the start of the song to the end of the video. It’s a fun, upbeat song and I hope everyone out there can relate to it and be empowered by the energy.

‘I’m so excited for everyone to follow me on my music journey and I can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming next – thank you to everyone who has supported me so far!’

And it seems Jasmin’s fans are more than impressed with her new offering. Commenting on the video, one wrote: ‘See now the haters can’t say auto tune, your voice is incredible.’

Addressing Jasmin’s 2014 X Factor audition, another said: ‘I think this just proves Simon Cowell wrong, you do have an amazing voice and range whether you’re doing something electronic or acoustic.’

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