The X Factor's Ben Clark opens up to Now

It’s hardly unknown for sudden fame and recognition to go to someone’s head.

But thankfully 25-year-old Been seems as grounded as they come.

‘I’m just a normal guy,’ he tells us. ‘It’s crazy! I don’t really get why people want a picture with me, but it must mean I’m doing something right.’



The competition’s husky-voiced rock also opened up how he felt hidden away from the world before stepping foot on the X Factor’s stage: ‘I worked nights at a Premier Inn and that was literally it. I’d sleep throughout the day and then get up in the evening and go to work. It felt like I was hidden away while working that late on my own.’

When quizzed who his dream duet would be if he made it to the final, Ben joked: ‘Rita Ora! She’s amazing, pretty and really talented. Or Cheryl… imagine both of them? I’d love that!’

Make the most of it Benny-boy!

And despite representing ALL the rockers in the competition, Ben doesn’t exactly reflect the crazy, party animal, lifestyle: ‘I’d rather stay in and watch a film… boring, ain’t I? [Laughs] I don’t really like drinking that much.’

Still liking what you hear girls?

Well, apparently the Bedworth boy is single and his last girlfiend was ‘a while back’.

We promise we tried to find out all what went wrong but the brooding singer didn’t want to talk about it: ‘Nothing… no, nothing. I don’t want to talk about it, sorry.’

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