The X Factor's Simon Lynch opens up exclusively to Now

From falling for Lorraine Kelly to scaring Denise Van Outen, 24-year-old Simon has already had a few showbiz encounters.



‘Without sounding well cringe, meeting Lorraine Kelly has been the best part of everything so far. I love her,’ Simon gushed, when asked what’s been a highlight of his whirlwind few weeks in the spotlight.

‘I once scared Denise Van Outen outside Harrods,’ the pop hopeful also revealed while discussing his life before the X Factor. ‘I bumped into her and shouted: ‘OH MY GOD!’ She looked a bit frightened and escorted her child away while I shouted: ‘I’m sorry!’’

If you’re crushing on Si, we’re afraid the single star also revealed how he isn’t quite looking for love right now.

‘Yeah, I’m just happy to focus on The X Factor,’ he tells us. ‘Although in the car on the way here I thought I saw my ex and I threw up a little in my mouth. I haven’t spoken to him since January.’

While openly discussing his sexuality, Simon also shared: ‘I came out to my family and friends when I was 21 and two of my best mates threw me a coming out party and played the Diana Ross song I’m Coming Out as I walked through the door. I was like: ‘Thanks… but this is kind of offensive.’

‘I used to be so worried about what people would say or thing – now I’m prooud of who I am and not ashamed.’

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