Despite saying she has no claims to fame, we've discovered that Lauren Murray was in a girl group prior to The X Factor - and also appeared on a track with an act that's worked with mega-producer Timbaland

With her incredible voice, gorgeous looks and cheeky North London air, it’s no surprise that Lauren Murray has made it through to this weekend’s semi-final of The X Factor.

But it’s not the first taste of success Lauren has enjoyed thanks to her powerful pipes – despite previously saying she has no claims to fame.

We can exclusively reveal that the beautiful brunette has previously worked closely with dance act La La Land, who count mega-producer and rapper Timbaland amongst their list of collaborators.

Lauren lent her incredible voice to the group’s 2014 track Lonely – which was released on 14 February by Kontor Records, premiering on BBC radio station 1Xtra – and even appears in the song’s official music video.

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Look! There she is!


The North London lass also recorded an acoustic version of the track for the Ont’Sofa Sessions YouTube channel, in which she introduces the performance by saying: ‘Hi, I’m Lauren from La La Land.’ Check it out below…

Despite all these amazing experiences, Lauren has been rather coy about her musical past, saying with a giggle in one of her very first interviews: ‘I’m so boring. I haven’t done anything.’

We’d definitely call appearing in a music something – in fact, we’d be so proud, we’d be singing it from the rooftops!

But her secret singing past doesn’t end there. In addition to her work with La La Land, Lauren was also a member of a girl band called Syren.

An old Twitter account used by The X Factor star – @misslaurenlala – describes her as ‘one-fifth of @SyrenOfficial’. The account also links to Lauren’s old YouTube account, also titled Miss Lauren LaLa, whilst a fan account shows pictures of the five-piece girl group.


Yet, despite this, Lauren also claims to be new to social media, saying in that first interview: ‘I only got Twitter a week ago, I know, I’m like some granny…and I just got Facebook.’

The news has reminded us of mentor Rita Ora’s words of praise for Lauren on last weekend’s show, when she told her: ‘There’s nothing fake about you Lauren, not one thing.’

Whilst she might not be fake, we don’t think she’s been entirely straight with us – but we still love her!

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  • Jeremy Banzon

    I’m jus wonderin. Why could X Factor overlooked this? Or maybe they juz chose to keep a blind eye on this juz like Mason Noise. Makes you think twice about the rumours of the show being fix.

  • Button A Day

    She’s definitely a newbie at Twitter – I am a fan and keep telling her to do things like hashtag and tag famous people. Looking at her other social media she lacks the slick savvy of some of the other contestants in terms of what and how to post. Possibly why I like her. Be fair the video you posted is only tiny flash of her singing, the video did not showcase her at all – if they had the song may have done better as we have seen with her iTunes successes. She told us in her X-factor bio she’d been singing since 8, restarted at 16 – so we know she must have sung somewhere. Her self recording at t sofa studios has been visible since day one if you’d bothered to look (no secret there). More of a Cinderella, than a famous pop princess hiding her pedigree and until now the media haven’t been bothered searching out the questions – I’m just pleased X factor has found her because she is brilliant. Now give us CheChe, Louisa and R and B’s so called “secret” pasts – we know they are out there.