The Celebrity Big Brother contestant talks sexuality and how she'll react if she gets booed

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Farrah Abraham made her name on US reality TV show Teen Mom, before starring in two best-selling sex tapes – and the 24-year-old star has no qulams over how she found fame.

Asked if appearing in the sex tapes meant she had no fear, Farrah revealed: ‘I don’t believe in shame and I am not ashamed of my sexuality because everyone has had sex, we’re adults.’

She added: ‘I have talked about everything to a lot of people so I am comfortable.’

The sexy star – who, when asked to describe herself, says ‘I am a top US reality TV star, a New York Times best-selling author, I dabble in adult toy lines as well and I have had a best-selling celebrity sex tape’ – says she’s ‘not really worried about anything’ when it comes to going into the CBB house, and claims to have to full support of her family.

‘My family really supports me and they are happy because since I became a Teen Mom I have always worked hard. I have never really been out of the country so I think they wanted me to take this time to do something more for me and look at it like a fun getaway.’

She also reckons she won’t be too upset if the notorous CBB crowd boos her, saying: ‘There are a lot of negative people online and if they want to be negative then I ignore negativity.’

But, should she prove a hit and go on to win the show, Farrah has big plans.

‘I would do a huge tour of Europe,’ she says. ‘That is pretty much what I am going to do regardless of whether I win or lose!

‘I have been to Denmark and Sicily because that is where my family are, but I want to go to Milan, France, way down South.’

Watch out, Italy and France!