After Gemma Collins revealed that she's got a famous admirer in Fatman Scoop, he doesn't take her rejection well.

There’s nothing quite like unrequited love. It brings out the ice-cream eating and Adele-listening monster in all of us. So we’re not too surprised that musican Fatman Scoop hasn’t taken too well to the rejection from Gemma Collins.

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In an exlusive interview about her incredible weight loss with NOW, the 34-year-old revealed that she had quite the admirer in the form of Fatman Scoop. But sadly, she was just not that into him.

‘He drove me insane. I thought it was a wind-up.’

Before jetting off to Dubai, the 35-year-old hip hop artist wanted to meet the blonde bombshell, but Gemma didn’t get back to him. Ouch.

‘He texted: “are you back from Dubai?” I’m not going out with him! Fatman ain’t for me.’

Harsh, but honest. And that’s always better in the long run so props to you Gemz.

But Mr. Scoop isn’t a happy bunny about this.

After a fan tweeted a reply about our interview with the former-TOWIE gal, saying that her favourite part of the chat was ‘@missgemmacollins blatant rejection of @fatmanscoop. Poor fatman.’

Poor fatman indeed. But he’s not gonna lie down and take this rejection. Oh no.

Eek. He’s gonna hit her up again it seems – wonder if Gemma will reply back to him this time round?

Don’t wory Fatman Scoop, there’s still plenty more fish in the sea. None as sassy as our Essex babe though.

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