Friends are worried that he isn't coping behind bars


However you feel about Jack Tweed landing a 12-week jail sentence last Tuesday, there’s no denying he’s had a tough few weeks.

Less than a month after the tragic death of his new wife Jade on 22 March, the 21-year-old entered a secure wing of Chelmsford Prison in Essex last week – placed away from inmates it was feared might harm him.

‘The last time Jack was inside he got bullied by prisoners who saw it as a badge of honour to try to attack him or take the mickey,’ a source tells Now.

Jack’s erratic behaviour before sentencing concerned pals, who said he was struggling to sleep. Already under a 7pm curfew for another offence, boozy lunches were the norm and he was spotted in betting shops.

Jack didn’t handle his troubles in the best way,’ says a friend. ‘But he’s had so much to deal with and Jade’s death hasn’t really sunk in.’

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