‘She was drunk and demanding men strip!’

Less than 24 hours after returning from a ‘make or break’ holiday with husband Kieran Hayler, here’s Katie Price at Wahoo nightclub in Oxford   – looking drunk and with her hands all over another man, at a student freshers’ night.

‘She was wasted and wasn’t shy about demanding men take their clothes off,’ an eyewitness tells Now. ‘At one point the person she was with had to tell her to calm down.’

Katie, 38, was at the club for a scheduled personal appearance but her antics with a semi-dressed man are likely to infuriate ex-stripper Kieran. By her own admission their marriage has been ‘turbulent’ and Katie recently confessed they’re having couples therapy.

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She said: ‘It’s a relief to me to admit I’m not as strong as people think. Enough is enough. I have to let my barriers down.’ And, as Now recently reported, Katie’s ex-husband Pete – dad to her kids Junior, 11, and nine-year-old Princess – has stepped in to ensure his kids don’t lose another stepdad.

But Katie and 29-year-old Kieran’s four-day trip to Barbados was supposed to be the start of a new chapter. Katie agreed to step away from the limelight and concentrate on her marriage, even taking a break from her presenting role on Loose Women, which makes her behaviour even more surprising.

Katie’s insecurities stem from Kieran’s affairs with her former best friends Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas, but earlier this month she hit the headlines herself after spending two hours in a hotel room with Geordie Shore lothario Scotty T.


In the Big Interview last week, Scotty told Now: ‘I was doing a PA in Blackpool and I was running late, she said I could get changed in her room. She was having her hair and make-up done, her agent and his friend were there and her security, and then there was me and my friend. I changed my top and did my hair and left.’

Another person at the club says: ‘Kate was slurring and stumbling about. She was trying to pose but kept falling as she was wobbly on her feet. Kate made it clear she had a “f**k boys” attitude and was offering girls advice on how to dump their boyfriends.’

Last week we revealed the couple have been sleeping in separate beds, but the sex ban was over on their trip to Barbados and the pair were keen to rekindle their damaged marriage. The eyewitness adds: ‘She was really hyper, bouncing off the walls, and intent on having a good time.’