Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux may have tied the knot this month in secret but is this snap really a picture of her 'in her wedding dress'? Now gets to the bottom of it...

We all LOVE seeing what the stars wear on their wedding day and getting a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston in her bridal gown was the creme de la creme of inside scoops!

The ‘first photograph’ of Jen on her wedding day was shared more than 300,000 times on Facebook.

We went into meltdown, the Internet went into meltdown and fans, of course, went into meltdown too after seeing the pic of a woman, which appeared to be the actress, with her back to the camera wearing a gorgeous ivory lace dress.

But it turns out the snap is actually a FAKE after followers on a fan page were fooled into thinking it was a behind-the-scenes shot from her big day with Justin Theroux.

Showing off ‘her’ pert derrière, the doppelgänger stuns in the frock, which features a huge train spread out across the floor in a luxury venue. Seriously. IT. IS. STUNNING!

After said ‘meltdown’ we must admit that we were a little dubious! Jen and Justin are notoriously private so why on earth would she let us in on one of the most intimate details of her big day on FB?

And the caption wasn’t ‘very Jen’ either. It read: ‘You have my whole heart for my whole life. #WeddingDress’.

This is coming from the woman who is so hilarious she had a Muppets wedding cake?! Nah, we don’t think so.

In fact, those with their finger on the fashion pulse were quick to poo-poo that this was Jen at all.

In fact, that image had been on Pinterest for A YEAR!

Meltdown over. We still LOVE that dress though!

The pair tied the knot in LA last week where close pal Jimmy Kimmel officiated. Orlando Bloom was one of the guests in attendance along with a whole gaggle of A-list stars. Speaking about the day and Jimmy’s role Orlando said:

‘He was great! I mean Jimmy’s amazing, he pitched it so perfectly.

‘They’re a wonderful couple. I was really honoured to be there and it was a great night.’

Aww, we’re still chuffed for you both!


Lydia Southern