Victoria Beckham shares shadow photo with her daughter Harper and it is CUTE

Whenever any of the Beckham clan upload a photo, we struggle to contain our excitement, so it’s no surprise that Victoria Beckham’s latest pic has left us looking like a hearts-for-eyes emoji.

Victoria took to Instagram on Sunday night and posted a snap of her shadow alongside her four-year-old daughter Harper’s shadow on a grey, tiled pavement.

Alongside the photo, 41-year-old Vic wrote:

‘Happy Sunday! Hanging out in the sunshine with my best friend x vb.’

Suddenly we can’t stop squealing. Could this be ANY cuter?

In the photo, it looks as though Victoria is throwing some throwback Spice Girl moves whilst adorable Harper sticks her arms out on either side. Oh, and take a look at the adorable tot’s tiny little foot…!

Victoria, who is also mum to Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, and Cruz, 10, with husband David Beckham, has previously spoken about her beautiful little girl, describing her as ‘amazing’.

Speaking on The Ellen Degeneres Show back in April, the fashion designer and former singer admitted:

‘She’s a little tomboy. You know, she loves to wear little dresses, but then she loves to put her football boots on and get in the garden with her brothers and have a bit of rough and tumble, which I think is great.’

She added:

‘All the kids are amazing. I mean, they’re really good kids. You know, they work hard at school. They’re happy, they’re funny. They’re just really good kids. And she’s (Harper) so great. And the boys are great with her.’

Dad David, 40, has also gushed about his daughter, although he has revealed that Harper actually calls him ‘chubby’.

Speaking on America’s Jimmy Kimmel live, David said: ‘My little girl turned around to me the other day – I had just bathed her and I towelling her down, and she said, ‘Daddy I love you so much. But I don’t like you, you’re so chubby.’ I mean, I didn’t think I was.’
No David, you definitely are NOT chubby, but either way, Harper is cute with a capital C!


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