Ex 5ive singer Abz Love talks country living, long johns and ditching bad habits


From topping the charts with boy band 5ive to fighting a five-year battle with drugs and drink, it’s been a crazy couple of decades for Abz Love (real name Richard Breen). In 2013, the singer, 36, ditched London life to start afresh in the Welsh countryside with his fiancée Vicky Fallon, 31. Now, the pair have let cameras document their rural life.

This is a bit of a change from your boy band days!
Man, I needed to get back with nature, put my feet back on the earth. I can’t be slam-dunking the funk when I’m 40!

What’s the hardest part of country life?
Adapting to no wi-fi and the rain. No reception, no service, no one wants to visit you. I have to go up a mountain to Tweet!

Do you wear things like long johns now?
Yeah. I’ve completely lost my cool – I don’t know what cool is any more. I’m tucking everything into my socks, man, cos it’s cold and the rain gets in.

You’ve admitted to turning to drink and drugs after 5ive first split in 2001…
I started hanging around with the wrong people. The amount of drugs I was doing… I remember lying on my bed one night and my heart was just punching through my chest. And I was just like: ‘F***, this is scary.’ Then Vicky came into my life and pulled me away from all that madness.

How much were you spending on partying?
I’d buy the whole f***ing club a shot. My bills were five or six grand a night and I’d go out three, four times a week. Just big money on silly things.

Has your move to Wales made you and Vicky stronger?
Yeah. It was quite rocky at first when we moved in, but if it weren’t for Vicky I’d be screwed.

Is marriage on the cards?
Definitely. But right now it’s like, how am I paying for it? I can’t exchange wedding seats, chairs, and cake for things I’ve grown!

Would you like kids one day?
I think I’d f*** the kid up. I’ve always had Bamm-Bamm in my mind as a kid’s name!

You reunited with 5ive on The Big Reunion but quit last year via Twitter. What went wrong?
We just had differences of opinion. The communication had kinda broken down, so I just turned to social media. No hassle, no phone calls, no awkward anything.

When did you last speak to them?
On Twitter – that was the last thing I said to them! I asked them to be a part of my show
and they declined to be filmed. So I was a little bit hurt.

Will you ever go back to London?
The only thing I miss in London is the restaurants, so nah – unless it all goes bad and I lose a leg while I’m sawing something.

Country Strife: Abz On The Farm is on BBC2 at 9.45pm on Sundays

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