Katie reveals how hurt she’s been by online abuse of her son - and her plan to deal with it


After an emotional appeal for online bullies to apologise to her son Harvey on TV, Katie Price has now revealed that she’ll continue her mission to name and shame them all.

On Tuesday afternoon (22nd March), she took to her Twitter page to announce that after reaching out to some people who have ‘tortured’ her disabled son, they’ve decided against appearing on Loose Women to discuss it:

Earlier, we wrote…

Katie Price has vowed to seek out and shame online bullies for their cruel abuse of her disabled son Harvey – and she even wants to see them face-to-face.

The former glamour model wrote emotionally about how the nasty remarks have upset her in a moving essay for The Sun, which comes days after she started naming and shaming social media users who’ve trolled Harvey.

But now, a week later, she has taken it a step further by making an appeal on Loose Women to help seek out those who have poked fun of Harvey and his disabilities so that they have to come on the show and meet Harvey face to face next Wednesday.

She also took her appeal to Twitter publicly shaming the trolls…


Katie Price names and shames Harvey trolls

On Instagram she wrote:

‘Please please message me with details numbers a pic of Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, vines or anything about my son Harvey as its about time they are name shamed and want them to apologise or even come on loose women next week and actually come forward and talk about why and how they are sorry to help me stop other trolls ! If you are a troll please change and set a example it’s not good in everyday thank you!’

Before she launched her appeal Katie, 37, admitted she’s ‘had enough’ of the sickening material about her 13-year-old boy and is shocked by how anyone could do anything like that.

‘I don’t understand how people think they’ll get away with it,’ she said. ‘What do they find funny about a disabled child? People saying they want to have sex with my child is disgusting.

‘People calling him a “spastic”. Even the people who comment and laugh and share it are disgusting.

‘Anyone could be born disabled or end up that way through an accident.

‘I bet none of these people sending messages have family members with disabilities. They wouldn’t be mocking him if they did.’

Recently Katie has been taking extreme action over the abuse and has taken to naming and shaming those responsible.

‘I even have these people’s phone numbers. I wanted to put them on Twitter so they know what it’s like to be trolled,’ the mum-of-five explained.

As part of her plan to crack down on the trolling, Katie is keen to meet the culprits so that they can face up to the hurt they’ve caused.

‘Some of the people have apologised already but I want them to meet Harvey and talk to him and I want to ask why they did it,’ she revealed.

‘I want to ask what went through his head to write that. I want him to look us in the eye and I’ll say: “Look what you wrote about this boy. How do you feel about that?” I just want to know why they find a disabled child funny.

‘I’m tough and thick-skinned. I’m used to abuse. So for me to be upset and shocked by things being said, it shows how bad it is.

‘It’s really affected me, the stuff that’s been said about Harvey. I’ve got five kids and they pick on my disabled child. It p***es me off.’

Now Katie is on a mission to fight for Harvey and others who can’t defend themselves against the vile trolling.

[GIF] Katie Price Being Mum

The Loose Women star has called for more background checks on social media users and will also continue to fight her corner.

She says: ’Pick on me, I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. But there are others who are more vulnerable, and that’s who I’m fighting for.

‘Trolling is bullying, it’s torturing – it comes in all different categories but it’s all the same. They’re hurting people.

‘Everyone should have the same protection celebrities do. There’s a lot of people who are more vulnerable than me. I know there’s a lot of people out there who couldn’t cope.

‘People shouldn’t be afraid to speak out and tell people about any abuse – and they should have the support they need. Together, we can put an end to this sort of thing.’

Read Katie’s moving article in full here.

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