Pop Idol star feels betrayed that Katie Price broke their pact

Simon Cowell predicted that 2002’s Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates would ‘become a superstar as sure as night follows day’, but things haven’t quite gone to plan.

The 17-year-old lad from Bradford with a stutter did have three No 1 singles but he disappointed his teenage fans by sleeping with glamour model Jordan when she was five months pregnant

Jordan shocked the young singer by revealing that they’d had sex and that: ‘Gareth was shaking so much his trousers practically fell of his legs’.

He denied everything at first but now says of Jordan’s revelation: ‘I just didn’t believe it because of this agreement that we’d had.

‘I did have that squeaky-clean image and…I didn’t really want my mum and dad to find out, if I’m honest.

‘I remember sitting them down in the kitchen to tell them and started to cry. When I did, I think they were relieved that it wasn’t something worse.

Today Gareth, 21, has been dropped by record label Sony BMG and is living in Kensington with his girlfriend, a model and dancer called Suzanne.

‘The last few years have been really difficult for him,’ she tells The Daily Mail. ‘Harder than he lets on, harder than he would admit to anyone.’

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