Yep, Gemma Collins really did say all of the above.

After announcing her exit from TOWIE last week, Gemma Collins has now revealed the reasons behind her departure – and they’re probably not what you were expecting.

Gemma didn’t come to the decision to quit by herself – she was actually influenced by a psychic who spoke to her brother. The soothsayer told her brother Russell that ‘his sister was under pressure and was going to walk away from something’ – we’re presuming Russell passed on the message.

Talking to The Sun about her exit, Gemma compared herself to former child star twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, saying: ‘I suppose I’m a bit like Mary-Kate and Ashley. There was only so long they were going to jump about for Disney before they said: “Actually, we want a life now”.’

And the life Gemma’s planning post-TOWIE is certainly a bit different to what she’s used to. ‘I’ve had my hair extensions taken out and not worn make-up,’ she said. ‘It’s nice not to have to worry about what I’m going to wear to some bar on Brentwood High Street.’

As for what she’s going to do for work now, Gemma has it all planned out. She’s dating a young millionaire by the name of Sebastian Marc Graham, who she met in Spain earlier in the year.

‘He’s coming here in October and wants me to stay at the Dorchester with him,’ she said. ‘He’s only in his twenties but he wants to woo me…I call him my little millionaire playboy.’

And, in a dig at her ex boyfriends, she went on: ‘Unlike all my ex-boyfriends, he’s not an utter skank!’

And if things don’t go well with Sebastian, she has a back-up plan.

‘If everything goes tits up, you’ll see me flogging clothes down Romford Market,’ she said. Now that is something we’d like to see…

Gemma Collins quits TOWIE…again: ‘It’s been dramatic and emotional’

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