Gaz Beadle opens up about his past and how he’s now a changed ‘one-woman man’ and was on a ‘sex-ban’ while filming Geordie Shore

Living your life on screen means that people get to see everything. And we mean EVERYTHING.
And that’s never been more accurate than for Newcastle’s lothario lad, Gaz Beadle, who we’ve got used to seeing him chat up and whip out his best lines and moves in for a endless line of girls while on Geordie Shore.

‘I slept with over 1,000 women and have had 30 threesomes – but so what?’

Erm, no biggie then?

‘I was only living the dream of every man, but doing it on TV.’

True. We can’t imagine that if we got offered an unlimited supply of Ben & Jerry’s, we’d say: ‘Nah, you know what? I’m ok cheers.’

But that’s not the case anymore for the 27-year-old ever since he met his girlfriends Lillie Gregg last year.

In fact, it’s gone to the other end of the spectrum and Gaz has had a six-week sex ban while filming the 11th series of Geordie Shore in Greece.

‘Things are different now. I was on a sex ban because I’m a one-woman man.’

‘While I was filming, Lillie and I were allowed one phone call a week for 15 minutes and the producers hang around listening. It was so tough.’

Yeah, we can imagine that would’ve been quite awks. Not exactly romantic is it?

Ol’ Gaz  says he know that girlfriend Lillie was ‘the one’ after he saw her on a flight to Zante in Greece. You know what they say – couples who fly to resorts together, stay together.

Talking about his past though, although the numbers he talk about sound big, Gaz adds: ‘Everyone just sees my four nights out where I get on it. And although that’s part of who I am, that’s not real life and it’s not the real me.’

‘Nobody knows about the side of my life spend walking the dog, going for a meal and chilling on the sofa because that would be totally boring for them to watch.’

Erm, have you seen Googlebox Gazza?! People chilling on the sofa watching telly is HILARIOUS! And, we wouldn’t say no to watching celebrity dinner date to be honest…

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Amy Lo