Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby has opened up about a recent pregnancy scare and why she now carries a pregnancy test around daily.

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby has opened up about a recent pregnancy scare.

In her latest YouTube video, the 25-year-old revealed the contents of her handbag, including a spare pregnancy test she carries around daily.


‘A pregnancy test!’ she exclaimed, upon pulling the unexpected item from her bag. ‘Obviously I must have been going through a worrying time when I might not have came on my period. You get two in a pack, so this was the extra one. As I don’t have a boyfriend right now, I don’t think this will be needed any time soon.’

Um, we suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry?

Despite the claim she’s currently single, Charlotte’s love life is going from strength to strength lately.

After splitting from longterm boyfriend Mitch Jenkin’s in August, the star has since been linked with Love Island’s Max Morley after they were spotted smooching at a party in September. Talking about the new man in her life, Charlotte tells Now: ‘He came to mine last weekend with a big bunch of flowers! He also got us some popcorn which shows he listens, cause I can’t eat gluten and that’s got none in.’

As Char continued explaining the contents she carries around daily, her Mary Poppin’s style bag provided a never ending supply of surprises.

‘We’ve got a roller, hair extension, earphones and some knickers,’ the star joked, while pulling the pile of random items out which were all tangled together. ‘Let me just inspect the knickers… clean! They’re so clean! I’m going to put them on today.’

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