We chat to the king of the parsnip, Geordie Shore's Gaz, 27, as our favourite reality show returns

Hey, Gaz! What can we expect from Geordie Shore this series?

Just the same as before really but in Greece! Aaron [Chalmers], Marnie [Simpson], Chloe [Ferry], Nathan [Henry] and Kyle [Christie] have never been away with the show before. We’re always going: ‘Cancun was amazing, Australia was amazing,’ and they were like: ‘We’ve been sat in Newcastle for the full series!’ So when we actually get to go away I was like: ‘That’s the villa, that’s the pool, get the drinks out, sun’s shining…’ It’s like being on steroids – it’s a new lease of life, really. Everyone just goes times 10 for at least the first week.


Marnie’s said it all kicks off between her and Kyle and that it ran ‘quite deep’. So what happened?

Kyle did a lot of stuff where Holly [Hagan] was kind of blinded by love. When they finished, Kyle did something the rest of us didn’t see but Marnie says she did. And it turns into a big fight.

What makes your girlfriend [Lillie Lexie Gregg] different to every other girl?

She’s just a normal girl. She’s kind, she’s polite, she understands what I do and I trust her. She doesn’t watch the show – she knew who I was but didn’t watch it.


Can you see yourself walking down the aisle with her?

I can, but it’s one of those things where I’m not just going to get pressured into it. For a couple of series James [Tindale] could’ve had the biggest wedding. He could’ve got engaged, had a stag do, but the time wasn’t right for him. It’s got to be real.

Geordie Shore is on MTV at 10pm on Tuesdays