Tour rehearsals leave them exhausted


With the gruelling 32-date Girls Aloud tour kicking off this Friday, it’s little surprise that Cheryl Cole is struggling to cope with all of her commitments. There are hardly enough hours in the day to manage a high-flying career, a personal life and rehearsals.

In fact, it’s a miracle that stressed and exhausted Cheryl, 25, has managed for so long, but now she’s finally cracking under the pressure. Her schedule’s so intense that bandmate Sarah Harding admitted this week to Now that ‘she’s running on empty’.

Cheryl’s been laying low since her Mount Kilimanjaro climb in aid of Comic Relief last month, appearing only once in public.

The trek proved so exhausting that the singer was excused from band rehearsals for more than a week when she got home, which means she’ll find the tour even tougher.

The group are now rehearsing for nine hours a day and it’s left them feeling shattered, but excited about hitting the road.

If Cheryl had known just how tiring the Kilimanjaro climb would be, she might have thought twice as an exhausting tour must be the last thing she feels up to.

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