Gogglebox’s Moffatt family chat fights, wild nights and Madonna

There are many things we love about Gogglebox, but the Moffatt family are definitely top of our list. The banter between mum Betty, 45, dad Mark, 49, and daughter Scarlett, 24, has us in stitches, so we were very happy when they invited us along for a chat…

How well do you really get on?
Scarlett: Without sounding like The Brady Bunch, we do a lot together. It’s really nice because I’ve been getting all these Tweets from teenagers and girls my age saying that I’ve made it cool to sit in with your mum and dad.

What are the Moffatt family’s favourite moments?
Betty: Christmas is always a big one because it’s all about family and we’ve got quite big family. In November there’ll be five generations.
S: The funniest times are the ones that don’t go to plan. Last Christmas was hilarious because there were 18 of us – the mashed potato was cold by the time it was passed down the table.
Mark: Everyone was sat in different-sized chairs – some could barely see over the table.
S: All the kids were sat on the stairs. It was proper crowded.

Do you ever have any wild nights out?
M: Those two go out together. I’m boring.
S: I really like the gay scene, so Mum and I go to a lot of drag shows as I’ve got friends who are drag queens. They always get quite crazy. I guess when someone’s wearing a PVC bra it’s going to get a bit mad!

What do you bicker about?
S: Tidying up. As soon as you put a cup down in the living room mum’s like: ‘Have you finished with that? Put it in the kitchen!’ It’s always stupid stuff like that.
B: It’s hard to argue with Scarlett because she always thinks she’s right and starts taking the mick and doing impressions of you.

Who usually wins your arguments, then?
B&M: Scarlett!
S: Mum will say to me: ‘Your shoes are all over the place!’ and I’ll say: ‘Has anyone died though?’

Mark, do you ever feel left out?
M: No, I’m quite happy!
S: We laugh at him a lot. Dad will be sat on the couch and suddenly he’ll fall asleep and whack his head on the back of the sofa. He once went to the doctor because he had all these lumps on his head and he was worried they were tumours, but they were from whacking his head while he was watching TV!

Do you ever watch funny YouTube videos together?
S: Oh yes! X Factor fails are good.
B: We’ve got YouTube on the TV, so we watch loads of things like the Top 10 Daft Dog Moments and we’ll be crying with laughter.
S: People falling over is funny. In slow-motion.
M: When Madonna fell over at the Brits, Scarlett couldn’t stop watching it.
S: It just gets funnier. Even as I think about it now, it’s hilarious. The way she just goes down…
B: If you’re ever feeling sad, just watch Madonna falling over!

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