Gogglebox star Sandra is set to shake up her lifestyle before heading off to Hollywood


Gogglebox star Sandra Martin is ready to transform her life.

The 53-year-old reality star has turned to the gym in a desperate bid to lose weight before heading off to Hollywood.


‘I just want to show my fans that I’m doing it,’ Sandra revealed earlier this week in the mid-workout video you can watch above. ‘Channel Four will support me, you get me?’

The star hasn’t only been hitting the treadmill and indoor cycles, we can reveal she’s also four weeks into swimming lessons too.

Following her latest session, Sandra revealed the real inspiration behind the dramatic change is to look ‘slim, trim and ting’ before her ‘Hollywood trip.’

As well as working out, Sandra is also set to shake up her diet too, admitting: ‘I can feel the belly, like my legs on the belly, you get me, babes? The [junk] food has got to go.’

And after revealing the extent of her love of takeaways exclusively to Now in September, we can see why.

‘Right now I get discounts because I’m such a good customer, so I spend about £40 or £50. They give me extra ribs with my Chinese and buy-one-get-one-free on my pizza.’

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Although we have no further details of her ‘Hollywood trip’ we’re really hoping it’s to meet with movie industry people for some kind of leading lady role in an upcoming blockbuster.