All that dough could turn into £1million of 'dough' for Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya

The tears, the cheers and THAT lemon drizzle cake – it was all wonderful wasn’t it – and the lovely Nadiya Hussain was crowned the Great British Bake Off winner!

Congratulations, Nadiya!

And what makes it all the more lovely is how humbled she seems by it all. ‘I went into the tent as the smallest baker at 4ft 11ins but I walked out feeling a giant,’ she said.

You are Nadiya!



She continues: ‘I feel I have tested my abilities and come out a much stronger, confident person the other side. I’m never going to put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never going to say ‘I can’t do it’. I can. And I will.’

Yes, Nadiya, you will!

She even took to Twitter to say it all felt a dream:

Talking to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 she continued: ‘I’ve never drunk but I feel trollied!’

But she said, since being crowned the winner in June she had found it hard to keep the secret: ‘I had to train myself and my kids to be compulsive liars!’

As for the trophy…:’ I had to wrap it in newspaper, put that in a suitcase, then that suitcase in another suitcase, then that in another one, and then hide it under the bed!’

And while you might have thought Tamal or Ian may have been keen to swipe the converted trophy from her, it was actually her dad who had his eye on it!

‘My dad tried to swipe it but he wasn’t getting it,’ she continued to The Sun. ‘Now it can come out and take pride of place in our living room.’

But while it may have looked like she cruised to victory, it wan’t always that easy. ‘Technicals were my Achilles heel! I would come back from filming and have a totally melted down when I went home. But my husband told me ‘Hey, it’s just baking! Get a grip!’ I needed harsh words!’

Speaking of Nadiya husband, Adbal – it turns out he is a total HOTTIE!

Nadiya and her husband, Abdal

Nadiya and her husband, Abdal


But in between all the tears and celebrations we’re glad to say Nadiya hasn’t become lost in showbiz just yet and has been coming out with some of that ‘Nadiya humour ‘we’d grown to love. ‘I really hope that I have not become known more for my facial expressions or my eyebrows than my baking!’


Now, after her big win, reports are saying that 30-year-old mum of three could make up to £1million from her win with recipe books, food endorsements and even a line of restaurants!

We’ll be first in the queue! Congratulations Nadiya!