The Queen has two birthday’s so why should Bear Payne?

Crack open the party poppers and put One Direction on repeat, as today marks Bear Payne’s half-birthday! WOOOO. Happy half-birthday to you, little guy!

Yup, it’s been exactly 6 months since little Bear was welcomed to the world on 22 March and from the sound of it, mammy, Cheryl and Dada, Liam Payne have loved EVERY moment.


No doubt Bear is enjoying his half-birthday by rolling about, maybe blowing raspberries, eating, sleeping and generally being carried around to his heart content. Sounds nice doesn’t it?!

So, in honour of his special day we thought we’d round up some fun facts about the lil’ nipper that you may not know.

Here goes:

1.Bear’s middle name is Grey and at first dad Liam wasn’t a fan of Cheryl’s unusual choice. He was said to have wanted something more traditional. Awks!

2. Bear first smiled at Liam on Facetime when he was about three months old. How cute is that!

3. Bear is said to be a mini me of Liam but with Cheryl’s eyes. That’s going to be one good-looking kid!

4. Originally Bear was going to be called Arthur. If Liam had the final say, that it.


5. Bear doesn’t have a nanny. When Liam is away with work it’s just him and his mammy Cheryl.

6. Bear already has a designer wardrobe that includes Gucci outfits and Kanye West’s Yeezy shoes!

7. Bear may not be a fan of Gucci though as he’s already puked over one of Liam’s T-shirts

8. Bear was born in London in the private wing of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

9. He’s already has a BFF (probably). Kimberley Walsh’s youngest son, Cole.

10. Bear weighed 7lbs 9oz when he was born.

So as it’s Friday. Why not say a toast to this little tinker!