McBusted's dad-to-be, Harry Judd describes how the 'tough' IVF process brought him and his wife, Izzy Johnston closer together

It’s been just under three months since Harry Judd, 29 and his wife Izzy, 31 announced that they were expecting a baby in an Instagram post dedicated to their ‘little miracle’ and the Strictly winner couldn’t seem more supportive and proud!

Harry wrote: ‘Izzy and I are so happy and feel truly blessed to be able to share with you that we are expecting our very own little miracle #BabyJudd @izzyintheattic’

Now, in an interview with OK! Magazine Harry opened up about his and Izzy‘s IVF experience.


The couple turned to IVF treatment after unfortunate baby struggles, a tragic miscarriage and Izzy‘s diagnosis of polycystic ovaries.

Harry said that the IVF process has ‘definitely brought us closer together’ and that ‘the way Izzy handled it was incredible.’

The McBusted band member also said ‘when this is something you want more than anything, it can be so tough.’

Supportive Harry said ‘It can be especially tough for the women, because they can feel it’s their fault and they feel the frustration as everyone around you tells you to just relax.’

‘When we decided to go for IVF, Izzy was in a very relaxed place. Everybody had painted such a dark picture of IVF, so she wanted to go about it in a more positive way.’

And that’s exactly what the couple tried to do – stay calm and relaxed Harry explained. ‘You have injections and take hormones and it makes you feel crap and look crap, but she coupled it with a lot of meditation, yoga and positive vibes. We had a miscarriage and that sets you back, but every time Izzy felt awful she rememebered why she was doing it.’

Baby Judd is now due in January and the happy father-to-be couldn’t seem anymore excited and in love with his wife after posting this on instagram yesterday!

How CUTE! Happy 10 years and congratulations guys.

Emily Thornhill