Apparently Harry Styles had a little fall while on stage with One Direction on Sunday

After slipping up on stage at One Directions show in Birmingham on Sunday night, Harry Styles has reportedly broken his foot.

The 21-year-old first sparked concerns after appearing at an event in London yesterday wearing a large grey brace that came up to his knee.


Swedish website, Frida, who were present at the event seemingly confirmed the injury, commenting: ‘Yes, he said so!’ when quizzed by fans if the foot was broken.

Another fan, also present at the event, commented on the incident, writing under her Instagram username EllieHoran222: ‘I got told by Niall’s security he did it on Sunday night at the show!’

Where as a broken bone may slow some stars down, Harry didn’t let it stop him having fun.

The floppy haired singer styled the cast perfectly with a paisley shirt and single shoe, while competing in ping-pong games against some very lucky fans.

Hazz ain’t the only one breaking bones this week either, his ex Caroline Flack took to Instagram yesterday to share a picture of her shock injury.

Although she captioned the picture with: ‘Shout out my broken arm. NO JOKE,’ her reps have since confirmed it’s actually just badly bruised, not broken.

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