Fans online are speculating the pair may be working on something very special...

Cheryl and Liam have been keeping fans guessing about her mystery bump this week, with fans going into a frenzy over the possibility the pair have already become parents.

‘Is Cheryl just hoping she’ll give birth and nobody will notice?’ questioned one, while another asked: ‘Has Cheryl already had the baby?!’ One very confident fan tweeted: ‘Cheryl has had a baby girl… congrats @cherylofficial.’

But fans are now speculating about the couple taking another big step in their relationship…recording a song together. The rumour started when The Sun reported that the pair were working on music together.


A source said: ‘Liam has written a song for Cheryl before they became a couple, don’t be surprised if they also team up.’ They added: ‘Cheryl flew to the US with Liam last week to start work on her new album in Will’s studio.’

Fans have been discussing the possible collaboration online. One tweeted: ‘I have a feeling a Cheryl and Liam duet is coming.’ Another added: ‘Can Cheryl and Liam Duet please.’

Pregnant Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne: Are they engaged?

After speculation that Cheryl and Liam had already become parents this week, fans also questioned whether the pair were engaged. Some of their loyal supporters were convinced the dad-to-be got down on one knee over the festive period! ‘Am I the only one who has a feeling Cheryl and Liam might be engaged?’ one excited fan wrote on Christmas Day.

Another speculated: ‘I won’t be surprised if Liam proposes to Cheryl as a Christmas present…’ But one particularly passionate Directioner wasn’t too supportive of Liam’s potential wife-to-be. ‘I pray to God Liam and Cheryl don’t get married,’ they wrote. ‘She has a really bad history with men.’

Well it’s shaping up to be a very big year according to the Directioners. A baby, a wedding and a duet! We can barely keep up!