They haven't been seen together in public for over SIX weeks - so is it all over for music's golden couple, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? Now investigates

When Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift got together back in February we were rejoicing. They seemed besotted with each other – enjoying BBQs at home, floating on giant swans together and generally being adorably cute. But since that honeymoon period, things seem to have gone VERY quiet on the Talvin-front.

It’s been 49 days, that’s SEVEN weeks, since they have been seen together in public (when he took a mate to see Taylor in concert in LA on 25 August) and since then… nothing, nada, ZILCH! He wasn’t even there when Mick Jagger joined on stage with her on 26 September. Mick Jagger!!

But that is NOT to say it is over, we’re just sad we have’t seen them.

On Tuesday 13 October (day 49) drama kicked off as Calvin took to Twitter to slam allegations that he had a ‘happy ending’ in a massage parlour, which had been reported with split claims about him and Taylor.

Taylor ‘favourited’ the tweet. So, things all look rosy between the pair!

On Monday 12 October (day 48) we still hadn’t seen the pair but Taylor had landed a Vogue cover in Australia looking stunning and was heading to Shanghai for a performance on Tuesday night.

A source also told Hollywood life in the US on the weekend, ‘when she’s done this tour she wants to devote herself to other things in her life again, to being with her family, her friends and with Calvin.’


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So that’s positive. But we had been asking: what’s happened to him cat-sitting her beloved cats Meredith and Olivia? Why’s he been seen sneaking out of massage parlours? Have the giant swans been deflated and thrown to the back of the shed? WHAT IS GOING ON!?

To be fair, he has been favouriting a few Tweets about her, including ones of her STUNNING new GQ cover.

And in a Tweet dated October 6, Calvin apparently posted a picture of himself and someone else who was wearing a pair of novelty glasses. He wrote alongside the picture: ‘I don’t know what the guy who makes up stories for newspapers looks like but it’s probably similar to this’. But quickly deleted it.

Over the weekend Taylor headed off to the Asian leg of her tour, then is going to Australia. Will he go too? As he has an estimated worth is over £100million, there’s no doubt he can hop on a private jet to see her, right?

Split rumours were sparked when a source told Grazia: ‘The relationship went from 0-60 in a matter of weeks. It was inevitable that things might come crashing down. It was incredible intense, so they’ve taken a step back and are cooling things off.’

We remain hopeful.

We’ll keep you updated…