Model puts her personal life before career


Heidi Klum may be busy with her presenting work and fashion line, but she says her family will always come before her work.

The mum-of-3, who is married to singer Seal, 45, says children are her main priority.

‘I’m very busy but my husband and I always wanted a big family so that’s No 1 for us,’ she says.

Heidi, 35, feels so strongly about this that she has considered giving up work altogether.

‘I always thought that if being a working mum caused problems for us as a family that I’d just not do it any more,’ she says. ‘But thankfully it doesn’t.’

The supermodel has her own skincare range and 2 signature perfumes as well as presenting hit TV shows Project Runway and Germany’s Next Top Model.

But rather than being overwhelmed by the workload, she says variety is the best thing about her job.

‘I enjoy all the different sides of my career,’ she tells Sunday Express magazine.

‘If I had to do one thing every day it would be very boring.’

Laura Bradder