Actress loves Kim Kardashian's hot body

Helen Flanagan wishes her bum was as shapely as her bosom.

The ex-Coronation Street star, who’s known for her big boobs, admits she’s not happy with her flat bottom and is struggling to make it more curvaceous.

‘My least favourite [thing about my body] is that I don’t really have a bum, which is a bit annoying,’ says Helen, 23.

‘Although I can train a lot, it would still be quite difficult to achieve as I’m not built like that naturally.

‘But I suppose I quite like my chest because it’s nice and curvy.’

Helen particularly admires Kim Kardashian‘s sexy hourglass figure.

‘Obviously [I love] Kim Kardashan‘s [curves],’ the actress admits.

‘But I can’t even compare, because I don’t look anything like her.’

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