Check out these unbelievable Hugh Jackman facts!


We’re a little in love with actor Hugh Jackman so we dug out 11 secret facts, just for you!


Raised by his father

When Hugh, now 47, was eight years old he got home from school one day to find his mother Grace had returned to her home country of England. Hugh said: ‘When I came home I knew Mum had left. I just had a funny feeling in the house.’ Hugh and his four older siblings were raised by his father Christopher. In 2012, an emotional Hugh revealed: ‘My father’s my rock. It’s where I learnt everything about loyalty, dependability, being there day in, day out, no matter what.’ The pair even look alike, judging by the photo Hugh shared on his Instagram in August.


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Anger issues

Hugh blames his mum’s departure for the feelings of rage he experienced as a young teen, although he’s since made amends with her. ‘My anger didn’t really surface until I was 12 or 13,’ he’s said. ‘It was triggered because my parents were going to get reconciled and didn’t.’ Hugh also added that while playing rugby his anger would ‘come out’. He explains: ‘[It was] rage I identify as Wolverine rage.’ He should know exactly what that is, having played bestial mutant Wolverine a whopping seven times in the X-Men film franchise.


Family man

Hugh reckons his dad instilled a family-comes-first mentality in him. He married actress Deborra-Lee Furness, now 59, in 1996 and the couple hoped to have children. But after Deborra-Lee suffered two devastating miscarriages, they decided to adopt a son Oscar, now 15, in 2000 and a daughter Ava, now nine, in 2004. Hugh’s described adopting as ‘the best thing ever’.


He’s had four skin cancers removed

In 2013, Hugh revealed he’d had a basal-cell carcinoma – one of the most common forms of skin cancer – removed from his nose. He had a second carcinoma removed the following year and attended the premiere of X-Men: Days Of Future Past with a bandage covering the scar. Hugh’s said: ‘I go every three months for check-ups. My doctor says I’ll likely have more and if that’s your cross to bear in life, you should be so lucky.’ He’s since had another skin cancer removed from his nose and one from his shoulder.
Heart of gold

He’s not just a pretty face! Hugh’s actively supported dozens of charities, including the Red Cross and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. In 2009, he Tweeted that he’d donate £66,000 to one individual’s favourite non-profit organisation.


Award winner

As well as winning a Golden Globe and an Emmy, Hugh was named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2008. But he’s admitted: ‘I’ve never believed the sex symbol thing. When I was 18 no one said: “Whoooh, he’s the sexiest man alive.” Why doesn’t that happen when you really need it, like in your twenties, not when you’ve been married for nearly 20 years?’
Bad eyesight

He may be a sight for sore eyes, but Hugh’s own eyesight is pretty poor. He’s admitted he can’t even read restaurant menus without contact lenses. He does look great in a pair of specs, though!


He has a dragon

OK, it’s not the fire-breathing sort, but Hugh owns a bearded dragon called Da Vinci. He also has a French bulldog, Dali, and a poodle-mix pup called Allegra.


He’s a lefty!

Being left-handed, Hugh’s supposedly more prone to migraines, better at multitasking and more likely to have allergies. Who knew?


He’s a good singer

In 2006, Hugh sang at Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s wedding ceremony in Sydney. ‘Nicole asked me to sing Keith’s favourite song Tenterfield Saddler, which is one of my favourite songs as well,’ Hugh revealed. ‘It was probably the most romantic and beautiful wedding I’ve been to.’


He adores George Clooney

Hugh recently revealed if he were a woman he’d want to date George Clooney. ‘He’s funny, he’s naughty and he’s kind of cheeky. And he just looks like fun,’ admitted Hugh, who shared a video of his revelation on Twitter with the caption: ‘PS, sorry, Amal.’


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