And this is *totally* why we could never do live TV...

When you spend everyday live on TV, its only normal to make a teeny mistake here and there. Right? Right.

However, somehow our fave presenting lady Holly Willoughby manages to keep it together pretty much all the time on This Morning. (Except, ya’know, when she and Philip Schofield have one of their infamous giggly fits).

And so, fresh from her appearance at the Glamour Awards on Tuesday night, we were surprised to see Holly so bright eyed and bushy tailed during yesterdays show.

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Like, c’mon. *This* is what Holly looks like after a night out on the razz. No fair!

Today's look on @thismorning … love this dress from @boden_clothing #HWStyle💁✨

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However, things appeared to be going altogether too well for Holly- whom soon fell into one of her world class giggling fits with Phil, almost managing to wee herself LIVE on telly in the process!

Worst nightmare? You betcha.

During a segment of the show, Holly told the viewers at home: ‘And at 12:15 we’ll be tasting Fearne Cotton’s cupcakes’. A totally innocent statement, right? Wrong. Haven’t you noticed guys, nothing is sacred when Phillip Schof is around.

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The pair clearly saw the funny side of the statement, and attempted to carry on with the segment before giving into the giggles- forcing Holly to crouch down on the studio floor with her head in her hands in a fit of laughter.


Phillip then said to Holly, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this, you’re doing it on telly! You’re doing that so you don’t wet yourself!’, before telling the producers to ‘Run VT for god’s sake!’.

So yeah- Holly Willoughby has officially almost wet herself on live TV. We blame Fearne Cotton’s cupcakes.

Check out the hilarious moment below!

Alice Perry