Singer Cheryl Cole looked thrilled to have her man Tre Holloway by her side

Cheryl Cole was joined on stage by her boyfriend Tre Holloway in Copenhagen, Denmark, earlier this week for a very raunchy performance.

The hunk, 27, appeared as a backing dancer at The Voice 2012 concert and watched as his girlfriend gyrated and grabbed her crotch in front of the crowd.

Cheryl, 29, looked super-hot in a shimmery gold crop top with tight leggings, black knee-high boots and long leather gloves.

She couldn’t help but grin at her man when he kneeled down in front of her as part of the sexy routine.

Hilariously, this gesture led a few of the concert-goers to wonder if Tre was about to ask Cheryl to marry him.

Earlier this week, one of Tre‘s friends told The Sun: ‘They wouldn’t have revealed they were an item unless they were in it for the long-term.

‘Marriage could definitely be on the cards.’

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Anna Duff