Who does he think should've won instead, we wonder...?

Hughie Maughan has admitted that Jason Burrill was not the most deserving person to win Big Brother.


The Irish star was beaten at the final by the hunky body-double, with a margin as small as 1%. Now Hughie’s had some time to mull over the results, he doesn’t seem to understand why the public voted for him.

Talking to the Mirror Online, he said: ‘I am happy for him but I think there were more deserving winners.’

[GIF] Jason Burrill Big Brother

Jason finding out he’s won


Twitter was divided on the matter, with many people even accusing the show of being a ‘fix’ bafflingly, while others just curious how Jason, who wasn’t exactly front-and-centre of the show, had won. However, taking a brief look at Jason’s Twitter account and you can see legions of fans (retweeted by the man) offering their support to the winner.

Hughie Maughan continued: ‘It’s flattering to know I was the favourite to win because there were some amazing characters in there. But I suppose I didn’t win. Jason won fair and square.

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‘Jason doesn’t feel like a Big Brother winner to me. I don’t know why he won. Maybe people looked at him and the fact he fell out with so many people, and they felt sorry for him. ‘

Now that’s a sly burn if you’ve ever heard one.

Hughie was the favourite to win Big Brother for weeks, so it was a bit of a shock that he didn’t win. But that’s reality TV baby, get used to it.