Caroline Flack responds in an amusing way after X Factor viewers question her absence

There was one big question on many X Factor viewers’ lips during last night’s Six Chair Challenge but it wasn’t about the contestants or even the judges.

Instead fans were wondering where presenter Caroline Flack had gotten to as she was barely seen during the two-hour programme.


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Many took to Twitter to question her absence, with one watcher commenting: ‘It’s taken me 90 mins to realise Caroline Flack isn’t there. Where is she? #XFactor #SixChairChallenge’

Another joked when she finally popped up on screen: ‘Did anyone else just spot Caroline Flack then?! What do I win? #XFactor #SixChairChallenge’

Cazza clearly noticed the speculation about her whereabouts and responded by revealing where she REALLY was – sort of.

‘I was on the loo,’ Caroline, 35, told her Twitter fans.

Before the screams of ‘TMI Flack!’ begin, we should clarify that the telly host was only messing about.

‘Joke. I was away filming. Back next week for good with ols xx,’ she went on to explain. Glad to hear you’ll be back, Flackster!

Caroline might have joked about it but it turned out there was a good reason for her being away.

An X Factor spokesperson tells Mirror Online: ‘Caroline wasn’t present for a small part of the six chair challenge as she was filming her winners dance for Strictly Come Dancing.

‘We had agreed in advance that she would be able to do this.’

Ah, so THAT’S where she was! Caroline Flack was of course the victor on Strictly in 2014 after wowing the judges and viewers alike alongside professional partner Pasha Kovalev.

Despite coming back to the X Factor family following her spell on their rival show, Cazza recently made it clear that she never fell out of love with the ITV series during her time away.

‘I LOVED it…,’ she Tweeted about her Strictly experience. ‘but my heart and home is with X Factor… Xxx’

Let’s hope we get to see more of the Flackster on X Factor in the coming weeks!

Anna Francis