Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has upset a whole load of women with a gushing tribute to boyfriend Jake McLean in which she pledges: 'When you go sleep I will bring you glass of milk, kiss you and say you're beautiful'

Uh-oh. Lauren Goodger has gone and upset a whole load of women with a gushing tribute to her boyfriend on Instagram that some have branded anti-feminist.

The former TOWIE star – who is back with boyfriend Jake McLean – took to the photo-sharing site to post a picture of a quote, which read: He was attracted to her looks, but fell in love with her mind. It wasn’t her body that made him stay, it was that she was the first woman that challenged him to live a better way.’

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So far, so girl power – but it was the caption that Lauren attached to the snap that had people kicking off.

I always will want the best for my man,’ she wrote, adding: ‘I don’t believe in all the new generation.’

She went on to say: ‘If your [sic] hungry I will feed you, if you’re cold I will get you a blanket, if you’re [sic] back hurts I will massage you and run you’re [sic] bubble bath. I don’t believe in anything but making my man feel loved and secure.’

Anyone else getting some serious Destiny’s Child Cater To U vibes here?

Anyway, in the same vein, Lauren continued: ‘If you leave your clothes on the floor I will pick them up and tidy the house, if you’re stressed I will give you space and pray you come back happier, when you wake up I will bring you tea and breakfast to bed, when you go sleep I will bring you glass of milk, kiss you and say you’re beautiful.’

She ended: ‘Nothing makes me happier than catering to my man and make him feel safe and 100% loved.’

Her post attracted a pretty serious backlash, with one fan writing: ‘Wow it’s like feminism never happened.’

Another posted: ‘Good grief woman. Seriously?!’

Someone else asked: ‘Lol will you also wipe his bum?’ They added: ‘Come on now this is silly.’

Meanwhile, another said: ‘You are an embarrassment to women if you actually believe this is the way to be with a man.’

However some fans were quick to jump to Lauren’s defence, with one posting: ‘I think this is quite sweet. Feminism isn’t about not looking after and loving your fella ladies! It’s about equality and having the same options open to you that are available to men!

They added: ‘You are not turning your back on feminism by being a devoted girlfriend who is in love, don’t get mislead. Lauren may be “old fashioned” but it’s her mind, and her values, and her CHOICE.’

What do you reckon?