Itsy bitsy spiders get a BIG reaction when spotted in a creepy cabin

I’m A Celebrity is the perfect place for famous folk to face their biggest fears head on, and then feel intensely proud of themselves for doing so.

Adam Thomas can now be counted in this esteemed group of celebrities, as he faced a big phobia of spiders in a recent Jungle challenge… but not without a few tears!

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In scenes from Wednesday’s edition (16th September), the Emmerdale actor paired up with comedian Joel Dommett for a task that saw them spending the night stranded in an eerie cabin in the Jungle, away from the company of the rest of the camp.

Ordered to be on alert for messages from campmates Jordan Banjo and Wayne Bridge, they entered the ‘bushman’s lodge’ tentatively – and Adam revealed that his nerves weren’t on the best scale.

‘I’m absolutely terrified.  The most terrified I’ve ever been,’ Adam, 28, admitted.

‘Turns out Adam’s a bit scared of spiders,’ chimed in Joel – and as if it was meant to be, Adam spotted a spider – and he wasn’t happy about it…

Adam Thomas (REX/Shutterstock)

Adam Thomas (REX/Shutterstock)

And while Adam jumped in fear, Joel, 30, read aloud the instructions for them to receive and decipher a word in five minutes or less, before sending it to camp within another five minutes.

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And as the comedian worked to receive and send messages back and forth to camp, petrified Adam was soon in TEARS over the spiders, and exclaimed: ‘Oh my god, it jumped bro. It totally jumped!’

Joel, however, was more focused on the challenge and grew annoyed with his partner’s hysterics – and began to get snappy.

‘I’ve never seen you like that before,’ Adam told Joel once things calmed down, to which Joel replied: ‘I’ve never seen me like that before!’

Eek – here’s hoping a few spiders haven’t come in the way of this burgeoning bromance…