Not a story for our arachnophobic readers

Though small in comparison to humans, spiders often possess the power to reduce grown adults into quivering messes at the mere sight of them.

And for someone signing up for I’m A Celebrity, spiders are just something they have peace with – because there’s no chance of getting through a jungle stint without encountering at least one! However, producers of the show now have to be on extra close guard of some of the eight-legged friends in camp, as EIGHT deadly spiders have been found.

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Crew working on the programme found eight funnel web spiders in a camera hide, near to the celebrities sleeping space. Since a bite from one has the power to kill someone in just fifteen minutes, their presence in the camp hasn’t exactly been welcomed…

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A show source said: ‘This is really worrying because they are not normally found on set.

‘Producers are being extra careful to make sure the celebs don’t get harmed.

‘They are making camp their home and will soon get used to their surroundings. But a deadly creature would be devastating for the show.’

(We’d imagine so – just imagine the insurance pay out if one of the celebrities really got hurt!)

However, it’s been confirmed by the jungle’s resident health professional and task organiser, medic Bob McKarron, that everyone in the camp will be kept safe, telling the Mirror: ‘We’re not going to let anybody die whether it’s a celebrity or a crew member.’

And if the potentially killer spiders weren’t enough, producers also discovered one of Australia’s most venomous brownsnakes on the entrance Helipad. Lovely!

‘Normally we don’t get these – we haven’t had one for 15 years. They prefer open paddocks,’ medic Bob clarified.

‘And ours is a rainforest. Well last week we found one in the top helipad. They are very vicious snakes.’

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