Ricky Rayment and Marnie Simpson have revealed their wedding plans- and Ricky's extra romantic proposal.

Like a modern day Romeo and Juliet (if Romeo and Juliet were from reality TV shows and liked a good vodka and a knees up), Ricky Rayment and Marnie Simpson have officially announced something we already knew but we’re still dead chuffed about- they’re engaged! Yay!

Speaking with OK! magazine Marnie, 23, revealed the proposal, which took place in Zante- ‘He led me over to the edge of the cliff and told me to look down. He’d written out ‘marry me?’ on the beach in bamboo flame torches’.

Ricky replied ‘it’s a bit of a blur because I was so nervous but I think I told her I wanted to grow old with her’. Romantic and dangerous, oh Mr Rayment you do know how to thrill us all.

Cliché’s aside (come on, we all love a romantic cliché), it’s fair to say that the Ricky/Marnie romance has been a bit of a whirlwind- Ricky, 24, even said ‘I’ve known since the day I met Marnie that she was the woman I was going to marry’.

The Essex chap went on to defend those who have said the pair are moving too fast (the pair have now been together 8 months), ‘I’m so sure we’re going to be together forever that it seemed silly to put off proposing any longer’… someone has definitely been listening to Single Ladies

However, the rush to put a ring on it is not down to a bun in the oven- yet. Marnie spoke of her desire for some (inevitably adorable) mini-me’s, ‘we talk about it all the time. I’d like to have two kids’. And in true Ricky style there is no time like the present, ‘I’m hoping to start trying on the honeymoon’.

The wedding is most likely to be held in Ricky’s neck of the wood- and the residents of Essex should very much prepare themselves for the celebrations. Not only do the invites include ‘all the Geordie Shore gang and a lot of the TOWIE boys’ (and Marnie’s bridemaid entourage featuring Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Chloe Ferry) but the wedding party is going to be one hell of a knees up- ‘We’re going to need somewhere with a late licence. It’s going to be a big party’.

If anyone wants us we’ll be by the letterbox waiting for our invite.

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Alice Perry