Chris's estranged wife has had enough

Ingrid Tarrant is preparing for her first Christmas without her husband – and she can’t wait.

The couple, who split earlier this year when Chris, 59, admitted to having an affair, have been married for 15 years.

But Ingrid, 51, isn’t phased by the prospect of spending the festive season alone.

‘This year, of course, everything will be different,’ she says. ‘Chris, for the first time in 22 years, won’t be with me or the children. Of course they’ll miss him, but I won’t miss his lack of enthusiasm for the festivities.

‘Chris has no sense of occasion and doesn’t really enter into the spirit of Christmas. His idea of Christmas spirit is downing a bottle of whisky.’

Ingrid will spend the day with their children Toby, 15, and Samantha, 18, and her children from her previous marriage Fia, 21, and Dexter, 26.

And she’s not going to hold back on her sense of occasion.

‘I don’t go in for understatement,’ she tells the Daily Mail. ‘I want our home to be just as welcoming as in past years with a dining table groaning with food, fires blazing and gifts gorgeously wrapped with yards of ribbon.

‘All the pets in the household – a dog, three cats, a rabbit, a guinea pig and my horse – will receive a stocking, as will the children.’

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