These pictures prove that there ain’t no party like a Kardashian party

Kim Kardashian and family just LOVE a party, don’t they?

It barely seems a minute since the clan threw a little shindig to celebrate Kylie Jenner’s graduation last month and now they’re at it again, this time in honour of basketball player James Harden.

Kim and co put on a do for James – rumoured boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian – as he turned 26 yesterday and totally went all out, with the event taking place on a boat in Marina Del Rey, California.

In typical Kardashian style Kim, 34, shared a flurry of photos from the evening’s escapades with her Instagram fans and it certainly looked like quite a night.

It’s actually made us so jealous that we’re determined to reenact it ourselves when we next throw a bash. Here’s our six tips for creating a Kim Kardashian envy-enducing party album at home…

1. Get a photo booth

The staple of any Kardashian party (and, let’s face it, pretty much any party these days). Kim and the gang just LOVE a photo booth and get one in for every special occasion. If you can make sure the pictures are black-and-white to give an air of decorum and coolness to even the most dull of parties then that’s ideal.

2. Get as many people in said photo booth as possible

Ah, the japes that take place in photo booths. Kim Kardashian particularly enjoys squeezing into it with every one of her sisters and other guests thrown in for good measure. Birthday boy James soon discovered this when he ended up at the back of a picture with the siblings, despite it being his party. Brutal.

3. Pout a lot

These latest Kardashian bash photos are FULL of pouts. Literally. The family’s top pouters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are on great form, but don’t discount Khlo and Kendall Jenner either. Even mum Kris Jenner and Kim’s hubby Kanye West got in on the action – so when you do this at home, make sure EVERYBODY knows how to pout.

4. Pull funny faces

LOLs alert. To prove your shindig is more fun than anybody’s else and spark FOMO amongst your Instagram followers, get silly with your guests in the photo booth. Take Khloe and Kendall as inspiration in the snap that shows Khlo doing, erm, something with her lips. ‘Have no idea what face I’m making,’ she captioned the shot. Us neither but it sure looks like you’re having fun.

5. Get someone who doesn’t usually smile to smile

This is good ‘un, guaranteed to make everybody chuckle when you dig out this family album over the years. If you have a Kanye in your household (i.e. somebody who doesn’t tend to smile much, EVER) then try to get a cheeky picture of them with a HUGE grin on their face. Kanye was caught doing this when he hit the photo booth with Kim and Kyles and it left fans utterly stunned, with one commenting: ‘Oh my f***ing God what is that thing thing Yeezie’s face?’

6. Don’t be afraid to take a nap

All that partying and posing for the album can be hard work, so it’s totally okay to have a kip if it all gets a bit much. Oh, and make sure there’s a suitably amusing but classy photo of it too. Kanye and Kris were snapped by Kim Kardashian dozing off at the do, with birthday boy James photobombing them as they slept. Sweet dreams, guys.

Anna Francis