Welsh movie star was told to give up his dream of acting

When Amazing Grace star Ioan Gruffudd first moved to London, he joined a religious group that didn’t approve of his career.

The Welshman, 33, recalls: ‘I was 21 and probably lonely and vulnerable, more than a little impressionable.

‘Someone approached me in the street and asked if I’d like to go to church that Sunday. I went along and it was all very devout and passionate.’

But then things got a bit strange.

‘They suggested that I give them ten per cent of all my money and told me I couldn’t share a flat with men because that was debauched,’ Ioan tells Night & Day magazine.

‘I wasn’t allowed to hold hands with women. I wasn’t even allowed to be an actor. That’s when I freaked out. I got so confused that my mother had to come to London to rescue me.’

Fortunately, Ioan’s mum whisked him away and he’s now a Hollywood celebrity, engaged to beautiful Alice Evans.

Good work, Mrs Gruffudd!

Anna Taylor