Lauren Goodger came under fire recently for her drastic new look. Is this Instagram message aimed at the people who told her to 'stop ruining her looks'?

Lauren Goodger might think her selfie game is strong – she even said so herself on Instagram – but her fans aren’t so sure. After posting a pic where her lips looked quite, ahem, inflated, she was slammed in the comments, with one user even comparing her to the reigning king of enlarged lips, Pete Burns. Ouch.

But it seems like Lauren is keen to let the critics know that she just ain’t got time for that. She posted a few more selfies for good measure, before adding a cryptic message that read: ‘I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just gotta leave people to do the lame sh*t they do.’

Just to keep us guessing who she was actually calling lame, Lauren simply captioned the pic: ‘Its Monday – don’t let anyone get in your way. Happy Monday people.’ Now, we’re all for starting the week with a big slice of positive mental attitude, but if we were being really picky, we could say that by posting the message, Lauren is actually reacting to whatever ‘lame sh*t’ it is that’s annoyed her.

Our money’s still on the lip (sorry) she got from fans over her pumped-up pout. Whether or not she’s actually had any treatments is a mystery – despite admitting to a nose and boob job in the past, Lauren’s always kept her cake-hole firmly clamped shut over the lip filler rumours. Maybe this Insta-message is her latest way of shutting down the people who can’t stop speculating what she may (or may not) be putting in her face?

Lauren followed up the post with a picture of her beau Jake McLean lying down across a car seat – and looking uncannily like her ex Mark Wright. Of course, the commenters noticed the similarity straight away – does this mean Lauren will be back soon with another message for people who can’t stop dropping the M-bomb? We reckon so!

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Fans urge Lauren Goodger to ‘stop ruining her looks’ after shock picture

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