Taylor Swift is a lucky lady!

We’re practically green with envy at a new video that shows One Direction singer Harry Styles personally signing a fan’s hat.

In the 30 second long fan-made vid, filmed by a young girl named Taylor, Harry is crouched down on stage, and in a bid to clarify his admirer’s name he refers to ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift before scribbling down a cute note on her cap.

It was all very noisy and very busy, but adorable Harry still took the time to write, ‘To Taylor, all the love. Harry,’ on Taylor’s hat.

Watch the video and SWOON.



We can’t help but notice though that Harry, 21, said ‘Taylor Swift’, when checking the girl’s name. OK, so it’s probably nothing but Harry and Taylor famously dated in 2012 and as we loved the couple SO much, it’s hard not to just let it all go…

Also, we’re kinda girl crushing even more on 25-year-old Taylor Swift right now –not only is she currently dating super hotty Calvin Harris, but she’s also got Harry Styles mouthing her name to fans at concerts. And breathe.

Since Tuesday night’s concert, the lucky fan, who goes by the name of @otrataylor has taken to twitter to confess her excitement. Well, who can blame her really? She also seems to have acquired a lot of fans, and has built up a following of over 15 thousands twitter users.

On Wednesday, Taylor wrote: ‘Harry is just incredible not only did he decide to give me back a hat that I had bought for him, he signed it and wrote all the love.’

Speaking about her thrilling Tuesday night, she also wrote: ‘gooood morning! Was yesterday real?

In fact, the lucky gal has even admitted that now she wants to get the heart that Harry drew on her cap, inked on her body.

She tweeted: ‘I wanna get the heart harry wrote on my hat as a tattoo.’


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