Sacha Baron Cohen's wife gained 10lbs for role


Isla Fisher had to put on weight for her role in The Great Gatsby – and she found a very indulgent way of doing it.

The actress plays curvy Myrtle Wilson in the highly anticipated flick and was happy to put on 10lbs for the part.

I was breastfeeding, so I had a little flesh of my own, I am proud to admit,’ says Isla, 37.

But I also gained 10lb, just by following my natural instincts. [That means I ate] cupcakes!’

Isla, who has two kids with hubby Sacha Baron Cohen, admits her body has changed a lot since she was younger.

Back then, I was that annoying person who could honestly say, “I can eat anything,”‘ the mum-of-two tells Easy Living Magazine.

That changed at 35 and I’m glad, in a way, because it’s not good to have three desserts a day.

Obviously ageing is an interesting process, for everyone. Particularly when you’ve had kids, there is no denying the fact that your body looks completely different, especially when you take your clothes off.

So I just choose to see the positives. I’m grateful when, you know, I’m having a good hair day.’

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Anna Francis