Tom Fletcher posts new adorable video of son Buzz, and we can't stop watching it!


It’s happened again, this is not a drill!!!

As if we’ve even recovered from the last baby Buzz and Tom Fletcher video, (HOW IS BUZZ SO CUTE, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE), Tom and his tot are back again with an equaly adorable video…

Titled Justin Baber- a father/son duet!, the latest instalment from the pair is a rendition of Justin Beiber’s Baby in which one-year-old Buzz manages to successfully hold a tune in his repeated line of ‘Baby’ (although it is pronounced more like ‘Baba’). Clutching at a mini white guitar, we think it’s fair to say the lil’ rascal has followed in the musical footsteps of McBusted dad Tom.

And it seems many others have noticed Buzz’s star potential too, as the video already boasts comments in awe of the lil’ tot, ‘Who votes for Buzz being the support act for the next my busted tour?’, ‘I don’t like kids, but Buzz stole my heart.  WHY. WHY. WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE?’, ‘The musical talents has started all ready’. People of YouTube… WE AGREE.

And athough Tom and wife Giovanna remain adament that Buzz was not named after Buzz Lightyear, the little un’ has certainly already been to infinity and beyond- the video Buzz and the Danelions (in which Buzz experienced his first ever dandelion, much to his amusemment) became an internet sensation, wracking up a phenomenal seven million views.

30-year-old Tom has certainly loved every minute of being a father to Buzz. Back in June he told Hello! ‘Parenthood is incredible. It completely changes your life in the most amazing way. All of the clichés you hear when you’re about to become a parent are true…It’s all just been amazing’. In fact, Tom even credits being a dad as ‘the best job in the world’. When your kid is as cute as Buzz it’s no wonder you love being a dad Tom!

Watch Justin Baber- a father/son duet below. WARNING- will cause cuteness overload…

Alice Perry